Wirral West Housing Hustings, a fantastic debate!

On Thursday the 2nd of April  the community of Wirral West turned out in force to see their local electoral candidates Margaret Greenwood for Labour, Peter  talk about their parties vision for solving the housing crisis. Tempers flared, the candidates butted heads verbally, and the crowd loved it. Mission accomplished, the residents got their answers.

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The residents were keen to talk about bedroom tax, the fracking that is happening on the West Kirby coastline which is already affecting house prices and letting agency fees.

On the topic on bedroom tax Margaret Greenwood said “I’ve met lots of local residents like Jackie who have been hit by the tax. More than two thirds of those affected are disabled. I am immensely proud that Labour will abolish it and hope that today will be the final anniversary for the Bedroom Tax.” Esther Mcvey the current conservative MP for Wirral West said that 'the bedroom tax wasn't about making money, rather that it was about making better use of the housing stock'. The residents at the debate, some of which were personally affected by the tax, (one couple who had to move from their community neighbourhood of 20 years and start afresh elsewhere) hit back hard with questions regarding the effective of the tax, the devastation it had caused and why it didn't work. Esther announced that the bedroom tax was to be looked into during the next 12 months to ensure the right people were in the right houses.  

Regarding fracking, Peter Reisdorf of Lib Dems stated he firmly stood for anti-fracking, and his main focus over the next 12 months would be concentrated on clean energy promotion, he said 'this is the most logical way to go, we cannot continue to use fossil fuels which inevitably will run out. We need to look to the future and clean reusable energy is it.

The Letting agency fee debate was mainly discussed by Margaret Greenwood, who stated if labour win the vote, letting agency fees will be abolished. 

All in all it was a fantastic evening, with some really valid points coming from the residents, its clear that this community are engaged with the issues surrounding them and great to see them coming together to fight for the views they hold. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Wirral West, and there's no doubt in my mind that the residents will be keeping a very close watch also.


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