Lights, camera, action! My invitation to be part of the media storm surrounding the Liverpool Licensing Scheme roll-out.

So, on this very chilly February morning I went along to meet with Cllr Ann O'Byrne, the Assistant Mayor and Cabinet member for Housing alongside some of the residents from various areas of the ward to have photo's and interviews about the roll out of the Licensing Scheme. It was great to see not only a good turnout (especially seeing as it really was cold!) but also very inspiring to see the community positively supporting the movement.

There has been a lot of resistance seen by some landlords in the region, but hopefully once the scheme is in full force and the results of having a license in place are evident, I'm sure that resistance would have subsided. After all, surely a system that requires Landlords to meet a variety of conditions around fire, electric and gas safety; fixing disrepair; tackling pest infestations; keeping the exterior in a good state of repair is a good thing? Poorly managed properties lead to problems such as structure issues to adjoining houses (damp etc.) and fly-tipping, and as many neighbouring residents will testify, properties that fall into this category are considered a blight on the city’s neighbourhoods. 


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