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Back Landlord Licensing in Liverpool

Generation Rent Liverpool supports a landlord licensing scheme for the city.

Our petition has been submitted to the council and we're now awaiting the outcome of their consultation.

We the undersigned support a Landlord Licensing Scheme for Liverpool.

Liverpool has about 100,000 private sector renters and about half of them are students. While there are lots of good landlords, some people are living in very poor conditions, in far worse homes than in social housing, where there are strict decency standards.

We want the Council to have the power to crack down on the poor landlords, raising the quality of homes for the most vulnerable people in Liverpool.

  1. Comprehensive selective licensing will allow Liverpool City Council to know exactly how many private landlords are operating with licenses. In turn this will mean the local authority will be able to use its resources more efficiently to target the smaller number of properties that the Council suspects are unlicensed lets.
  2. Within a licensing scheme, if a poor landlord is enforced against for failing their obligations in one property, all their other properties can be checked, delivering far more efficient use of taxpayer-funded enforcement resources and improvements to quality of life and health for vulnerable tenants.
  3. The conditions proposed for obtaining a license, particularly around property upkeep and health & safety will be important levers for improving living standards in the private rented sector. Conditions that ensure properties are free from pests, remain in a good state of repair and have the appropriate fire safety checks are all important.
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    signed 2014-06-10 21:48:55 +0100
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    Heather Brent
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