Landlord Licensing - Bridging the divide with partnership working

Today I had a really positive meeting with Alan Bevan, Managing Director of City Residential in Liverpool. As one of the biggest, most influential letting agents in the city I was keen to talk about Landlord Licensing to hear his views. I was absolutely delighted at his response.

I didn't know what to expect, I did wonder if he'd want to speak with me at all given that my heart is all for the welfare of the tenants and a firm activist for Licensing, however I couldn't have been further from the truth. I met a thoroughly lovely gentleman who happens to be a key stakeholder in the city who believed in fairness, transparency and also in the regulation of landlords and agreed that it will be a positive step towards driving up the standard of living for the tenants who are currently stuck letting from rogue landlords. He made a number of interesting points about the process, things that did concern him, foreseeable issues for landlords, which he would be more that happy to address, in collaboration and collectively with the Council, other stakeholders and other partners such as Generation Rent, Engage Liverpool etc. This was music to my ears and I'm excited to help bring these people together, to work together, to make sure that Landlord Licensing is a success, after all together we stand and divided we fall.

If you're interested in being involved or have a view about the private renter sector you wish to share, feel free to make contact via this link - or via facebook - Liverpool Generation Rent or Twitter - @liverpoolrents

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