GENERATION RENT LIVERPOOL is a group of locally concerned renters and organisations campaigning for tenants of private sector landlords in Liverpool. 

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Consultation on licensing closed

Thanks to everyone who signed our petition to the council. The consultation has now closed and we now wait and see what action Liverpool’s councillors will take.

We will keep you updated with any developments. 

In the meantime, please keep sharing your stories of renting in Liverpool with us here.

Back landlord licensing

Generation Rent is campaigning for a Landlord Licensing Scheme for the city of Liverpool.

At the moment many of Liverpool's 100,000 private sector tenants have decent landlords, but for a significant number, their landlords are keeping their homes in dilapidated conditions. This can affect people's health and some tenants are scared of complaining in case they get evicted.

We're supporting a landlord licensing scheme because it will raise standards of accommodation, particularly for vulnerable people, and it means that taxpayer money spent on Environment Health enforcement in housing will be more cost effectively targeted.

Please back our campaign here.

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Renting can be tough going. Please take some time to let us know your experiences of renting in Liverpool. Dodgy landlord? Letting agents charging ridiculous fees? Living in unsafe or unpleasant circumstances? Whatever your experience, we want to hear it. Fill in your details and as specific of a story as your can provide below and we will follow up with you on how you can get involved to change it - even if that is as simple as telling your story.