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Will the amended Consumer Act stop letting agents foul play?

Letting agents. They can be difficult to deal with at the best of times. These days we just consider it the norm to have to pay extortionate fees. We don't question it, we just see it as 'one of those things'. But when you do stop and think about it, what the hell are you paying a kings random for? At the end of the day our just signing a piece of paper and the credit referencing is done digital in a matter of minutes, yet you can paid £300+ just for exactly that....Why? Because they can. Until now. As of tomorrow there is amended to the 'Consumer Rights Act 2015' Under Part 3, Chapter 3, Section 83, the letting agency you deal with has to Cleary outline exactly what it is your paying for, both on their websites and in their shop premises. But will they do it? up until now I have monitored a number of letting agencies both in Liverpool and on the Wirral, and it’s shocking how many of them don't do it. Maybe it’s because the penalty was merely to be 'named and shamed' on the trading standards website, maybe these agencies think there’s nobody to actually monitor the situation. Who knows. One thing is for sure, those agencies still complacent about it from tomorrow, are gambling with up to a £5000 fine. Here at Generation Rent we are currently conducting a survey, a 'mystery shop' if you will, to see whether the letting agents up their game and adhere to the amended. If they don't and are still happy to try and allieaviate our community of their hard earned cash without justifying what it for, mark these words, we will be tracking you down! 

If you want to be part of the 'Letting agency fees Mystery shop' get in touch today!

The word on the Street

After 6 months of community engagement it’s come to the time of feeding back the word on the Street, what the people are feeling, and hopefully to try and give as many answers to questions I’ve heard repeatedly from concerned residents whilst out and about. The 3 areas I will cover from the collated information is firstly how we arrived to this situation, what will the council do to help people rented from private landlords and lastly what is going to be done in regards to fuel poverty. I’m no expert in housing, my role is to talk to the people and facilitate action to try to change community issues by supporting changes that they need to come together to make, we’ve all heard the expression ‘divided we fall united we stand’ and this has never been so true as it is today! Please take the time to read this article, and also show your support by joining us!

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Can you afford your first home? Many who rent can't!

a recent article in the Echo has highlighted an issue many first time buyers are facing. If you're one of the few people who earn an above average salary it probably doesn't apply to you, however, that isn't many people. The majority of us are all in the same boat. To read further details of the article click below!

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Wirral West Housing Hustings, a fantastic debate!

On Thursday the 2nd of April  the community of Wirral West turned out in force to see their local electoral candidates Margaret Greenwood for Labour, Peter  talk about their parties vision for solving the housing crisis. Tempers flared, the candidates butted heads verbally, and the crowd loved it. Mission accomplished, the residents got their answers.

IMG_8961.JPG IMG_8963.JPG


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3 candidates confirmed to join Wirral West Housing Hustings!

SO, there we have it, all set. All that's needed now is you, and you Housing concerns!

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2 Candidates confirmed to attend Wirral West Housing Hustings!

So, what is a hustings? Simply put it is an event where candidates from each political party debate in front of an audience. In the run up to the 2015 General Election, hustings offer a chance for voters to see their prospective MP, ask questions, and form a view of who they want to represent them. For housing campaigns like ours, they offer a chance to force candidates to think seriously about housing and develop credible positions on housing policy issues – and a way of stoking the local debate around housing and raising awareness of the issues among the public. 

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Lights, camera, action! My invitation to be part of the media storm surrounding the Liverpool Licensing Scheme roll-out.

So, on this very chilly February morning I went along to meet with Cllr Ann O'Byrne, the Assistant Mayor and Cabinet member for Housing alongside some of the residents from various areas of the ward to have photo's and interviews about the roll out of the Licensing Scheme. It was great to see not only a good turnout (especially seeing as it really was cold!) but also very inspiring to see the community positively supporting the movement.

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Staff from housing associations across Merseyside are walking, running and cycling as part of the nationwide campaign to end the housing crisis within a generation.

on, hopefully a bright and sunny Wednesday morning the 11th March, members of staff from an array of North West housing associations will begin their journey over a gruelling challenge lasting two days. the rally is going to cover a 60 miles distance, and whether they walk/run/cycle or crawl, they are determined to travel across the region.

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Are we heading for a housing disaster?

When I'm out and about in the community talking to people about the issues surrounding the housing market, in particular the private renter sector, a lot of the time people don't really seem concerned about the situation they face. Often they tell me that 'it's OK, my parents have said it was hard in their day' and yes, I agree with them to an degree, however if you scratch beneath the surface of the problems our generation face, what you'll find is something far more disturbing that just the trails and tribulations of growing up, settling down and working hard to get your deposit for your first home, in fact, that day may never come if current conditions continue, and you could spend your life renting with strangers, living in poor conditions, or even worst the possibility of no long term home at all. 

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Housing Minister Brandon Lewis signs agreement to unlock 3.5 Billion to fund building new PRS homes

Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis signed the agreement on the 11th of December. This agreement means that there will be 3.5 Billion Pounds available in the form of government backed loans to Landlords who are able to invest at least 10 Million for new homes available for private rent across the country. 

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